What We Do

MELTZ Communications. When the Stakes are High.

Ally Development

Our core competency is using our extensive network of connections to help our clients achieve their desired results. We work on both sides of the political aisle. MELTZ Communications has long-standing relationships with current and former Members of Congress, current and former high-level administration officials, thought leaders, think tanks, journalists and political activists.

Positive Press

MELTZ Communications leverages our relationships to secure positive media coverage for our clients.  We know the right reporters and the right voices who can ensure that the media tell your side of the story. Your opponents want to control the press and the narrative. Don’t let them.

Lobbying Support

In a high-stakes issue campaign, MELTZ Communications can support your lobbying team by creating a more favorable operating environment. By bringing allies and positive press to your side of the issue, we can help support your lobbying goals. On the flip side, we can also introduce political risk to your opponents by demonstrating the flaws with their position.

Media Defense

Knowing which reporters to talk to, which to avoid and which to engage is what separates a good from a poor media defense strategy. It also means holding reporters accountable and making good decisions about what to say and when to say it. MELTZ Communications has years of experience helping clients face a hostile press. A smart media defense strategy can make the difference between a bad week and a bad year.

Spokesperson Services

If managing an intense level of media scrutiny and inquiries is taking you away from managing your business, MELTZ Communications has years of experience of being “on the record” spokespeople for Members of Congress. Don’t let one bad exchange with a journalist cost you time, money or your reputation.

Media Training

MELTZ Communications works with former top-tier print and broadcast journalists to help train you to be a better communicator with the media. Our training session will put you in the best possible position to ensure that you effectively deliver your message and avoid the traps laid by reporters to elicit information good for their story, but bad for you.

Social Media Strategies

The digital conversation has reshaped how the media operates and the way people perceive the world around them. Ignoring or paying too much attention to this online conversation are common mistakes made by companies or people in crisis situations. MELTZ Communications will help you understanding what can and what cannot be accomplished through social media – and how to use that knowledge to advance your goals.

Litigation Support

If influencing public opinion is critical to helping improve the outcome of your legal issue, MELTZ Communications can help generate press coverage or identify thought leaders and influencers to help tell your side of the story. We have experience working closely with legal teams to help achieve desired litigation goals.